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The Koala. Proceedings of the Taronga Symposium on Koala biology, management and medicine. Sydney, 11th and 12th March 1976.

Editor: T.J. Bergin. Zoological Parks Board of New Sout Wales, 1978. ISBN 0-7240-1386-5.

  • Bergin, T.J.: Editor's preface. S. V.

1. Biology

  • Strahan, Ronald: What is a Koala? S. 3-19.
  • Archer, Michael: Koalas (Phascolarctids) and their significance in marsupial evolution. S. 20-28.
  • Robbins, Michael & Eleanor Russell: Observations on movements and feeding activity of the Koala in a semi-natural situation. S. 29-41.

2. Nutrition

  • Harrop, C.J.F. & Robert Degabriele: Food and water requirements of the Koala in captivity. S. 45-61.
  • Southwell, Ian A.: Essential oil content of Koala food trees. S. 62-74.
  • Betts, T.J.: Koala acceptance of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. as food in relation to the proportion of sesquiterpenoids in the leaves. S. 75-85.

3. Food tree management

  • Hawkes, N.H.: Identification and management of Koala eucalypt trees in New South Wales. S. 89-96.
  • Congreve, P. & T.J. Betts: Eucalyptus plantations and preferences as food for a colony of Koalas in Western Australia. S. 97-105.

4. Status and management of wild koalas

  • Warneke, Robert M.: The status of the Koala in Victoria. S. 109-114.
  • Gall, Bruce: Koala distribution in New South Wales. S. 115.
  • Gall, Bruce: Koala research, Tucki Nature Reserve. S. 116-124.
  • Gordon, G. & D.G. McGreevy: The status of the Koala in Queensland. S. 125-131.
  • Robinson, A.C.: The Koala in South Australia. S. 132-143.
  • Braysher, M.: Introduction of Koalas into Tidbinbuilla Nature Reserve. S. 144-147.
  • Wicks, John R.: Koala preservation in an urban situation. S. 148-151.

5. Captive management and medicine

  • Jackson, A.R.B.: Some notes on diseases of Koalas in New South Wales. S. 155-157.
  • Wood, A.D.: The diseases of the captive Koala. S. 158-165.
  • Robinson, Phillip T.: Koala management and medicine at the San Diego Zoo. S. 166-173.
  • Butler, R.: Patterns in Koala mortality. S. 174-175.
  • Finnie, E.P.: Autopsy findings in Taronga Zoo Park. S. 176.
  • Cockram, F.A.: Investigations into keratoconjunctivitis of Koalas. S. 177-182.
  • Dickens, R.K.: A comparison of haematological values from Koalas in different locations and the effect of stress on those values. S. 183-197.
  • Scoggins, Bruce A.: Adrenal steroid production by the Koala. S. 198-199.
  • Spratt, D.M.: Note on the cestode (Bertiella obesa) in the Koala. S. 200.

6. Conservation

  • Shepherd, N.C.: The legal status of the Koala in the eastern states of Australia. S. 203-212.
  • Pearse, R.J & I.H. Eberhard: Conservation of Koalas. S. 213-222.
  • Anonym: Round table recommendations. S. 223-224.

7. Bibliography

  • Degabriele, R. & T.J. Bergin: Bibliography. S. 227-231.


  • 1. Eucalypt species associated with the Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). S. 234-238.
  • 2. Planting guide. S. 239.
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