Symposiumsbericht Research in Zoos and Aquariums 1973 in Houston

Research in zoos and aquariums.

A symposium held at the Forty-ninth Conference of the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums, Houston, Texas, October 6-11, 1973.

National Academy of Sciences. Washington, D.C. 1975. ISBN 0-309-02319-X.

General aspects

  • Benirschke, Kurt: Biomedical research. S. 3-11.
  • Eisenberg, John F.: Design and administration of zoological research programs. S. 12-18.
  • Laughlin, Daniel C.: The role of research in smaller zoos. S. 19-21.
  • Goodwin, L.G.: Scientific work of the Zoological Society of London. S. 22-29.
  • Van den bergh, Walter: Long-term experience of a European zoo in research. S. 30-38.

Behavioral studies

  • Snyder, Robert L.: Behavioral stress in captive animals. S. 41-76.
  • Markowitz, Harold: Analysis and control of behavior in the zoo. S. 77-90.
  • Beck, Benjamin B.: Student behavioral research in zoos. S. 91-102.
  • Burghardt, Gordon M.: Behavioral research on common animals in small zoos. S. 103-133.

Reproductive biology

  • Slatis, Herman M.: The genetics of inbreeding. S. 137-143.
  • Benirschke, Kurt: Cell and sperm banks for the zoological parks. S. 144-150.
  • Sadleir, R.M.F.S.: Role of the environment in the reproduction of mammals in zoos. S. 151-156.
  • Kleiman, Devra G.: Management of breeding programs in zoos. S. 157-177.
  • Seal, U[lysses] S. & D.G. Makey: Computer usage for total animal and endangered species inventory systems: a specific proposal. S. 178-188.

Special applications

  • Sacher, George A.: Use of zoo animals for research on longevity and aging. S. 191-198.
  • Sauer, Robert M.: Lead poisoning; Selenium-Vitamin E; Sudden infant death; Ischemic heart disease: zoological research of comparative medical interest. S. 209-207.

Summary and prospect

  • Fisher, Lester.: S. 209.
  • Hoppla, Cluff E.: S. 209-215.
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