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Deer of China. Biology and management.

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Deer of China, held in Shanghai, China, 21-23 November 1992.

(= Developments in Animal and Veterinary Sciences 26)

Editors: Ohtaishi, N. & H.-I. Sheng. Elsevier, Amsterdam. ISBN 0-444-81540-6.

  • Ohtaishi, N[oriyuki] & H[elin]-I. Sheng: Preface. S. III.
  • Ohtaishi, N[oriyuki] & H[elin]-I. Sheng: Acknowledgments. S. IV.


  • Sheng, Helin & Noriyuki Ohtaishi: The status of deer in China. S. 1-11.

Session 1: Morphology and classification

  • Bartoš, Luděk & Martin Vítek: Cluster analysis of Red and Sika deer phenotypes. S. 15-21.
  • Wang, Yingxiang, Ma, Shilai & Chongyun Li: The taxonomy, distribution and status of Forest musk deer in China. S. 22-30.
  • Ohtaishi, Noriyuki, Kaji, Koichi, Koizumi, Toru, Miura, Shingo, Yu, Yuqun & Masatsugu Suzuki: Preliminary report on a morphological study of the White-lipped deer. S. 31-43.
  • Bubenik, Anthony B.: Evolution of cranial protuberances of cervids from velericorn stage into annually deciduous antlers. S. 44-55.
  • Bubenik, George A.: Morphological differences in the antler velvet of Cervidae. S. 56-64.
  • Dong, Wei: A morphological analysis of cheek teeth of Eurasian Pliocene cervids. S. 65-72.
  • Sheng, Helin, Zhang, Endi, Chen, Qin & Bing Ni: A comparative study on morphology of deer hair. S. 73-79.
  • Ni, Bing, Cao, Hanmin & Helin Sheng: A morphological study on scent glands of Chinese water deer and Forest musk deer. S. 80-84.
  • Banwell, D. Bruce: A historical review of the influence of Chinese cervids on European and New Zealand Red and Sika deer. S. 85-91.

Session 2: Paleontology, systematics and evolution

  • Dong, Wei: The fossil records of deer in China. S. 95-102.
  • Cai, Xueyuan, Cao, Keqing & Yumin Li: Intact fossil antlers of Père David's deer. S. 103-105.
  • Nakaya, Hideo: Evolution of Quaternary middle-sized Cervus in Japan and China. S. 106-114.
  • Hartl, Günther B.: Biochemical genetic variation in deer species in relation to phylogenetic age and rates of cladogenesis. S. 115-121.
  • Herzog, Sven: Robertsonian translocations and karyotype evolution of the genus Cervus. S. 122-125.
  • Lan, Hong & Liming Shi: Restriction endonuclease anlysis of mitochondrial DNA of Muntjac and related deer. S. 126-134.
  • Lan, Hong, Shi, Liming & Hitoshi Suzuki: Restriction site polymorphism in ribosomal DNA of Muntjacs. S. 135-143.

Session 3: Distribution, habitat and feeding habits

  • Kaji, Koichi, Ohtaishi, Noriyuki, Miura, Shingo, Koizumi, Toru, Tokida, Kunihiko & Jiayan Wu: Distribution and status of White-lipped deer and associated Ungulate fauna in the Tibetan Plateau. S. 147-158.
  • Gao, Xingyi & Defu Hu: Status of wild and farmed Red deer in Xinjiang. S. 159-164.
  • Cao, Zhinan, Zhou, Fang & Guopin Pan: A preliminary survey of the deer resource in Guangxi. S. 165-171.
  • Yu, Xiaochen, Xiao, Qianzhu & Yuming Lu: Selection and utilization ratio of winter diet, and seasonal changes in feeding and bedding habitat selection by Moose in Northeastern China. S. 172-180.
  • Chen, Huapeng, Ma, Jianzhang, Li, Feng , Wang, Yanhua, Wang, Huai & Fei Li: Regional variation in winter diets of Red deer in Heilongjiang, Northeastern China. S. 181-186.
  • Takatsuki, Seiki: On the food habits of Chinese cervids - A consideration based on the food habits of Sika deer of Japan. S. 187-195.

Session 4: Behavior

  • Chapman, Norma G.: Reproductive performance of captive Reeves' muntjac. S. 199-203.
  • Lai, Jun & Helin Sheng: A comparative study on scent-marking behavior of captive Forest musk deer and Reeves' muntjac. S. 204-208.
  • Mrlík, Vojtěch: Contribution to the knowledge of "Looking" in the Roe deer. S. 209-213.
  • Song, Yanling: Diurnal activity rhythms of Eld's deer on Hainan Island, China. S. 214-219.
  • Miura, Shingo, Kaji, Koichi, Ohtaishi, Noriyuki, Koizumi, Toru, Tokida, Kunihiko & Jiayan Wu: Social organization and mating behavior of White-lipped deer in the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, China. S. 220-234.
  • Yu, Yuqun, Miura, Shingo, Pen, Jitai & Noriyuki Ohtaishi: Parturition and neonatal behavior of White-lipped deer. S. 235-241.
  • Krzywinski, Andrzej: Hybridization of Milu stags with Red deer hinds using the imprinting phenomenon. S. 242-246.

Session 5: Ecology and conservation

  • Yuan, Xicai, Lu, Baiwei, Chen, Wanchen, Liu, Zhenghe, Lu, Chenhua, Yun, Daxing & Kang Chen: Populations dynamics of Hainan Eld's deer in the State Datian Nature Reserve, Hainan Island. S. 249-257.
  • Maruyama, Naoki & Tadashi Watanabe: Increase of the Tsushima-Sika population in the Tsushima-Sika Reserve, Tsushima Islands. S. 258-272.
  • Varman, K. Surendra & R. Sukumar: Ecology of Sambar in Mudumalai Sanctuary, Southern India. S. 273-284.
  • Silva, Padma K. de & Mangala de Silva: Population structure and activity rhythm of the Spotted deer in Ruhuna National Park, Sri Lanka. S. 285-294.

Session 6: Protection and management

  • Cao, Keqing: Selection of a suitable area for re-introduction of wild Père David's deer in China. S. 297-300.
  • Liang, Chongqi, Din, Yuhua, Lu, Jun & Hua Shen: Population dynamics of the Milu herd in the Dafeng Reserve. S. 301-308.
  • Koizumi, Toru, Ohtaishi, Noriyuki, Kaji, Koichi, Yu, Yuqun & Kunihiko Tokida: Conservation of White-lipped deer in China. S. 309-318.
  • Ma, Jianzhang, Chen, Huapeng, Gao, Zhongxin, Zhao, Zebin, Li, Feng, Wu, Jianping, Chang, Jiachuan & Guoyi Liu: Impacts of super-intensive forest fire on the deer population in the Northern Great Xingan Mountains. S. 319-324.
  • Pereladova, Olga B.: Bukchara deer in USSR. S. 325-330.
  • McCullough, Dale R.: History and management of Elk in North America. S. 331-341.

Section 7: Physiology, biochemistry and husbandry

  • Li, Chuanfang, Chen, Junmin & Minqi Chen: Adaptive mechanisms of the White-lipped deer to a high-altitude hypoxic environment. S. 345-349.
  • Gizejewski, Z., Pedich, M., Jaczewski, Z. & R. Bartecki: Ultrasonic control of ovarian function in Red deer females during the oestrus cycle. S. 350-355.
  • Suzuki, Masatsugu: Reproductive characteristics and morhology of accessory corpora lutea in Sika deer in Hokkaido. S. 356-363.
  • Sempéré, A.J., Mauget, R., Blanvillain, C. & P. Chemineau: The role of the photoperiod in the sexual cycle in female Roe deer. S. 364-371.
  • Lin, Zhong & Helin Sheng: Energy metabolism of Forest musk deer during pregnancy and lactation. S. 372-374.
  • Pei, Enle & Helin Sheng: Body weight, protein and energy requirements of Forest musk deer fawns during growth and development. S. 375-378.
  • Gao, Zhiyuan & Minghai Zhang: Increasing velvet antler yield by photoperiodic control in Sika deer. S. 379-383.
  • Duan, Chuanfeng & Shicheng Li: Studies on the biochemical composition of Reindeer antlers in China. S. 384-389.
  • Seidel, Bernd: Keeping Chinese deer in captivity - A veterinary review. S. 390-400. (Tierpark Berlin)
  • Pearse, Anthony J.: The recent status of deer farming in New Zealand. S. 401-413.


  • Bartoš, Luděk (chairman): Sika/Red deer hybridization  Recent status and main problems. S. 415-416.
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